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Vega del Tajo

Admitted by the certificate of origin “Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla” (Wines from Castilian Land). We bottle red wine from cencibel and syrah grape varieties


We have at your disposal red house wine produced with garnacha grape variety, and white house wine produced with airén grape variety.

Virgen del Rosario Virgen Extra Olive Oil

Our cornicabra olive variety traditional crops can be found in a privileged environment, located between Toledo Mountains and Tajo Valley, which provides the oil with unique organoleptic characteristics of an exceptional flavour.
Every olive from the tree is traditionally air-collected; these are taken to an oil press in a short period of time, obtaining the oil by means of a first cold press, which allows the olives to retain their original nutrients.
Blend: Virgen del Rosario is ideal to be raw consumed, sauté, roast and confectionery as it enhances the natural flavour of food.
0.5 l bottle

Olium Monteargón Organic Olive Oil

First rate extra olive oil manufactured with cornicabra olives obtained from organic olive trees, chemical waste-free and registered as organically produced.
Every organic olive is picked from the tree using mechanical means, and taken to the oil mill to be firstly cold-pressed on the very same day, avoiding this way the loss of the original fruit proprieties.
Blend: Olium Monteragón is ideal to be used on bread toasts and for salad dressing.
0,5 l bottle

Olium Monteargón Organic Olive Oil

5 l carafe

Virgen del Rosario Virgen Extra Olive Oil"

5 l carafe

Virgen del Rosario Virgen Extra Olive Oil

1l bottle


A selection of Cuello Dama dried figs, exceptional for their thin skin and intense flesh sweetness, they are traditionally sun desiccated. This fig production is originally from Tajo and Tiétar Valley.
Proprieties: rich in fibre, with a high iron content, vitamin B, calcium and magnesium.
As well as a snack, it can be consumed as a dessert and stew.
Available in:
250 gr tubs <> 500 gr and 1k bags <> 5 and 10 k bulks bags <> 2k Lérida type Gourmet cases.


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